Mak YĆ¼ Jing 

Design & Art Direction 

Iā€™m a communication designer experienced in the field of digital and print graphic artistry.

Working with people of various backgrounds to translate complex concepts into effective designs for others is something I value strongly. 

My projects include: 
- Editorial Design
- Environmental Graphic Design
- Illustration
- Web Design
- Packaging 

Work Experience

Sep 2018 ā€“ Present  |  Freelance Art Director at Iris

Sep 2014 ā€“ 2017 |  Graphic Designer at WORK Pte Ltd

Apr ā€“ Jul 2014  |  Intern at Brand Union 

Jul ā€“ Oct 2013  |  Intern at Equus Design Consultancy

My full portfolio and resume is available upon request

Do drop me an email at for any collaborations / freelance work / any other enquiries. 

You can also find me here:
Instagram / Behance / LinkedIn 

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